Haters Gonna Hate: Wear Your Onesie With Pride

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Let’s face it, we know that onesies are not the most popular option for everyday activities. However, that has to change as soon as possible. Onesies are way too comfy to wear only when you go to sleep. And we are not the only ones saying it. In fact, onesies seem to be trending around the world.

Right now, there are onesie-themed parties being made on the beaches, in the clubs, and even during sporting events. So, to encourage you to wear your onesie, here are top ten reasons why you should never stop wearing it:

1. Stand Out

You don’t have to fit in every day. Break the mould, make a statement, don’t conform to the expectations. Pack your devil-may-care attitude and be the coolest kid on the block.

2. No More Fussing

As the name implies, onesies come in a single piece. There will be no more last-minute fussing to try and find what to pair with your shirt. In essence, it is just like a dress, but with even more flexibility.

3. Nothing Beats The Comfort of a Onesie

As we said, the onesie trend is picking up, and it is evident by the number of Hollywood celebrities that are open about their love for onesies. Megastars like Cara Delevingne, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and even Beyoncé are huge fans of onesies. They are adorable, fluffy and comfortable.

4. You Only Live Once

Do you really want to spend your life worrying about what others think about your outfit? We sure don’t. Life is too short not to have fun, so make sure to enjoy every bit of it. If you can even fight for squishies, how much more for onesies, right?


One of the main reasons onesies are becoming incredibly popular is the fact that the sizes are universal. That means that you should have no troubles sharing your favorite onesie with your best friend. And that is just good business. But, even more importantly, onesies are not skin-tight and don’t have a definite shape. Which basically means that you can use them to hide any imperfections on your body. So start filling onesies to your closets now!

6. There is Strength in Numbers

You are not alone. There are thousands of people in every major city that adore onesies. And those who don’t are usually those who didn’t yet have one. So, call your friends over and have a mini onesie party. While we are at it, let’s talk about parties.

7. Onesie Parties

Everybody loves a good themed party. Call your friends over and have them bring their own onesies. You can share the weirdness and come out of it that much happier. Start owning onesies for Halloween now! Thank me later.

8. Trendsetters are Wearing Them

Believe it or not, some of the famous social media fashionistas are wearing onesies when they stream. And, if it is good enough for them, it is good enough for us.

9. Dancing in a Onesie Earns Your Extra Swag

Wearing a onesie is cool, but nothing beats dancing in one. Whether you just want to goof around, or do a serious dance, it all looks better in a onesie.

10. There is a Pizza Onesie

Everybody knows about animal onesies. But, Katy Perry changed the game when she came out in her Pizza Onesie to greet the crowds. Don’t be afraid of looking a bit cheesy.