Postpartum Beauty: Keeping Mothers Glowing After Birth With These Tricks

From planning it with your partner to enduring those long, tiresome nine long months, becoming a mother is a massive achievement.  Moreover, it’s safe to say that you reached an important milestone in your life. Yet, your parental journey is just beginning, and there’s so much work ahead with a baby by your side.


Waking up in the middle of the night and catering to your baby’s every need is not an easy task by any means. As a result, you might begin to feel like you’re not taking enough care of yourself anymore. But that’s normal with a newborn in the house, especially if it’s your first very first child.


Luckily, there’s no reason not to have a happy, healthy child and good looks like you did before getting pregnant. In the following article, we’ll take you through a list of seven beauty tricks for mothers trying to regain their beauty.

Take a Proper and Healthy Diet

A proper diet isn’t just about making you look good. It’s also about being healthy enough to take care of your child. Therefore, the first beauty tip on this list is all about eating lots of vegetables and fruit. These include apples, leafy greens, bananas, dates, and others with high vitamin C content. But to maintain a healthy diet, you should avoid food with too much fat. Some of these foods include the following:


  • Biscuits and cakes;
  • Butter, palm oil, and coconut oil;
  • Fatty meat cuts;
  • Bacon and sausages;
  • Cold cuts like pancetta and salami.

Do Exercise and Keep Moving

Regardless of whether you gave birth to your child while at a mature or young age, the chances are that you’ll feel wrecked for months after. But that’s normal. You’ve been pregnant for so long that your body forgot what it’s like to exercise and move around like normal. Nevertheless, you should try to move as much as you can, both because of you and your baby.

The answer is proper exercise and regular movement. You should incorporate a new workout regime into your everyday life. Some new mothers opt for yoga, while others take aerobic classes, but that’s not enough. You should make sure those exercises and classes are specifically aimed at women who just gave birth.


These particular workout sessions will improve your blood circulation, tone your body, and improve your overall health as well. Moreover, they’ll help your brain release “happy hormones,” cortisol and endorphins. They will make you feel good, both mentally and physically.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

It’s no secret that water is the answer for almost any health issue you might come across in your life. Whether it’s a headache or postpartum skin care, drinking more water is essential to feel good and be prepared to take on your daily tasks and chores.


From keeping you hydrated to moisturizing your skin, water is necessary to retain your postpartum glow. Some studies suggest that drinking around eight to ten glasses of water is optimal for your body to function the way it should. By doing so, you’ll eliminate all sorts of toxins in your body whenever you visit the restroom. You can also add lime or cucumber slices for even better detoxification.

Maintain a Clean Hygiene

The reality of being a mother is that you’ll come across dirty diapers each day. Moreover, you’ll get your hands and clothes gooey with baby food too. But don’t fool yourself into thinking that you can afford to skip taking care of hygiene.


Being clean is essential for your body and mind, as well as your baby’s health. So, to maintain proper hygiene, make sure you take daily baths and showers whenever you can. Of course, don’t overdo it. Keep things like they were pre-pregnancy, and you’ll be just fine.

Pay More Attention to Your Skin

Most post-pregnancy moms have issues with their skin, e.g., stretch marks on their bellies. This is because the baby, while inside your stomach, affects your whole organism and because pregnancy doesn’t allow you to have the proper care. But don’t worry — the solution to this isn’t that baffling.


To retain glowing skin that you had pre-pregnancy, you should exfoliate by scrubbing your body and face. The main problems are accumulated dead skin cells, just like they were before you got pregnant. And the best way to maintain a proper skin care routine is to use fruit or herbal-based products, not chemical-based ones.

When you decide to follow this skin care beauty advice, make sure that you scrub your body and face in circular motions. This will not only affect how your outer layer looks but will also positively impact blood circulation in those areas.

Have Time to Pamper Yourself

Being a mother doesn’t mean that you should forget your “me time.” No matter if that means a morning cup of Joe in bed, going to the sauna, or relaxing while watching a movie, you should and can make time to pamper yourself. This isn’t about being spoiled — it’s more about recharging your batteries after nine months of carrying.


If you have a partner, make sure you talk to them about sharing responsibilities over the baby. You do not have to be the only one changing the baby’s diapers, waking up when it cries in the middle of the night, and feeding it. Your partner or other family members can do all those things just as well as you can, and you shouldn’t be alone in this.


By treating yourself to some free time, you’ll help your body regain its form just as it was before you got pregnant. This is the simplest yet most important beauty lesson, as it not only affects your looks but your mind as well. And one doesn’t work without the other.

Improve Your Health by Taking Supplements

During childbirth, women lose lots of iron, and it’s important to restore it by taking its supplements. This won’t only positively affect you, but your baby’s development as well, if you’re breastfeeding. The same goes for vitamins B12 and D, as they’re essential for your baby’s red blood cell development and for you to lower the risk of postpartum depression.


Numerous scientific studies suggest that mothers with high levels of DHA in their milk end up raising healthier children, as it affects the brain and eye development. Furthermore, choline is yet another nutrient that positively affects infant memory and brain development. And if you can’t eat eggs or meat, you should consider taking its supplements regularly.

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How to be a Stylish Stay at Home Mom Without Compromising Comfort

Can you avoid frumpy while prioritizing comfy? Can you be a stylish mom without compromising your ability to be a fun mom? Can you look put together at home without feeling silly?

I would give a hearty “YES” to each of these questions. And in today’s post I’m going to explain why.

Let me start with a metaphor that will show you how I approach the challenge to fight frumpy as a stay at home mom:

I put on waterproof mascara when I know it’s going to be an emotional day because I don’t want the worry of smeared makeup to hold back tears. On emotional days I want the emotions to flow.

It’s no different being a mom and deciding what to wear at home. I anticipate what my day holds and dress accordingly. With two little boys in the house and another one sitting like a taut basketball in front of me all day, my life has needs that I don’t want to ignore with what I put on in the morning.

So what’s my “waterproof mascara” for everyday life as a boy mom?

Here are the rules and strategies for how to dress well at home without compromising comfort, or feeling like I’m trying too hard.

Tips for Looking Put Together But Comfortable at Home: Your “Waterproof Mascara”

The first important step in achieving chic but mom-friendly style is knowing and embracing your style. More specifically: your at-home style.

Some of you would feel silly wearing any jewelry around the house. Others just can’t function in anything dressier than yoga pants and a tee. I personally dislike wearing athletic clothing unless I’m actually working out, so dressing up a bit makes me feel better.

Your personal preferences are important to understand and embrace, otherwise you will feel out of sync and soon drop the effort to get put together. There’s no point fighting the frump if you just feel silly!

I think we all share a common goal: to look put together but also be comfortable for everything the day holds.

And you know what? You CAN avoid frumpy if you keep some simple strategies in mind.

Here are those strategies for looking put together without sacrificing comfort (or feeling out-of-sync with what your day holds).

Strategy #1: Looking put together doesn’t equal tons of layers

1. For a put-together look, focus on: A clean, fresh appearance (a little makeup goes a long way)

A clean, fresh appearance can be achieved by simply washing your hair, combing it, or taking a minute to add a few fresh curls to your pony tail.

Then do your very basic mom makeup and you’re good to go. I’d say this is THE most important part of looking put together, and it doesn’t involve clothes! (More on makeups for moms)

My hair + makeup on most days takes 5-10 minutes but without it, it doesn’t really matter what I wear–I’ll still feel frumpy.

Prioritize achieving that clean/fresh appearance (even if you use dry shampoo to camouflage the need for a shower when you’re short on time).

2. For a put-together look, focus on: Clothes that fit you well

Clothes that fit you well will ideally balance your body features rather than try to hide them. Focus on the favorite aspects of your body and play those up. Ditch the baggy tees and falling pants. Trying to hide parts of your body that aren’t your favorites only accentuates them more.

Shoulder seams should fall on the shoulder, not past them. Skirts should land either above or at your knee. Maxi style should touch your toes not drag on the floor. Pants should land at the ankle if skinny style or just brush your toes if boot cut style—no bunching up at the bottom.

Focus on fit.

And less is more! It’s better to have just 2-3 great fitting shirts on rotation over a drawer-full of worn-out, floppy ones.

It took me a while to embrace the scary concept of throwing out most of my less-than-perfect collection of clothes, but once I did all my favorites finally got a chance to shine. I fell in love with my wardrobe again because everything in it made me happy, even if it WAS a lot smaller!

3. For a put-together look, focus on: Clothes that are in style

Clothes that are in style will revolutionize your appearance. Use this blog and the Full Year Wardrobe plan to get acquainted with stylish stay-at-home mom clothes. If you suspect an item of clothing is particularly outdated but you aren’t sure, just ask in the Facebook group.

Some on-trend/stylish and basic items to have on hand for just being around the house (you can dress them up with layers to go out):

  • Slim fitting or skinny jeans (dark denim)
  • Slim fitting or skinny neutral AND color pants (khaki, white, gray, coral, burgundy, olive)
  • On-trend athleisure bottoms like joggers or yoga leggings
  • Pattern AND color shorts
  • Fitted AND slouchy tees white and gray tees (slouchy refers to style not fit—don’t just get a t-shirt in a big size and call it “slouchy.” Look for slouchy fit in your size.)
  • A striped tee
  • A boyfriend cardigan
  • Fitted and slouchy sweaters
  • Ugg-style boots or moccasin slippers

That’s the beauty of building a purposeful wardrobe… when you have a nice blend of classic and trending pieces, building an outfit becomes effortless.

Strategy #2: Let where you are determine what you wear (Start with a simple outfit and build from there)

The outfits in the Year-Round Outfit Guide always start with 2 basic pieces (or one if it’s a dress). From there they build with accessories to increase the “completeness.” When you have the right pieces (and you follow the rules from Strategy #1), even the first two pieces in your outfit will give you the “put together” look while allowing maximum mobility!

When you’re home… use the first two pieces in the outfit formula

If you’ve covered the three keys to looking put together (fresh appearance, clothes that fit you well and clothes that are in style) you can go as simple as you’d like while you’re home—and you won’t feel frumpy!

Seriously, when your hair shows some intentional care and you have some basic makeup on, any simple shorts + tee or yoga pants + hoodie can achieve a very put together look that is appropriate to being at home.

When you’re going on errands… add 1-2 pieces more from the outfit formula

When you start with an in-style, well-fitting outfit base from the Year-Round Outfit Guide, you can simply throw on a layer or two of accessories to get that polished look for going out in public.

I often start with shorts or pants and a tee while I’m home with the kids (hair combed and simple makeup done of course). Then when it’s time to leave the house, I add my statement earrings, maybe throw on a vest and slip into my t-strap sandals, sneakers or flats. Because I took care of my hair/makeup for 5-10 minutes when I first got up, I don’t even have to think about that and I’m instantly dressed up.

When you’re attending a function, meeting, going on a date, or something beyond errands… add all the pieces from the outfit formula or choose a formula that incorporates a “dressy” piece

Depending on the level of formal you need to achieve, you can either wear all the recommended layers of an outfit or use one of the outfits that incorporates a dressy piece like a blouse, dress or flats.

Strategy #3: Less Is More

You don’t need a ton of clothes! Stick with what fits you well and makes you feel pretty without much fuss.

I haven’t worn a ton of variety lately—I’m just sticking with a few tried and true outfits during my second and third trimesters that make me both look and feel great!

I’ve been rotating between 6 excellent shirts and about 4 bottoms. Two are neutral solid tees, two are pattern tees, and one is striped. My bottoms also cover the basics… denim, color pants, color shorts, and pattern shorts.

From these basic combos, I add a couple of completer pieces and jewelry and fun-but-comfy shoes when going on errands and to appointments.

If you’re thinking “I would feel stressed wearing such a nice top when I’m just working around the house!”… actually this maternity top was just $7.99 at Ross.

Which takes me to my next point…

Strategy #4: Don’t spend so much on clothes that you stress about it getting stained

I know that most of my clothes won’t last long so I don’t spend a lot on them. It’s not that I purposefully abuse my clothes—my amazing life does that for me.

Most of my clothes are either bought on consignment or from an affordable source like, Target, The quality isn’t always top-notch, but it doesn’t have to be.

There is too high …

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5 Style Tips For Busy Moms

Sometimes family life can feel like a 3 ring circus—with Mom playing the parts of ringmaster, tightrope walker and lion tamer—and no matter how wonderful (and crazy!) it all is, pretty much every mom could use a few tips on keeping it everything together, especially style-wise. Just because you’re doing school drop off, your full-time job, and then playground duty doesn’t mean you don’t want to look great, right?


Build a wardrobe of style workhorses that you can rely on day in and day out. Pieces that look great on you, and work with each other. An easy pull on pant (or a pair of jeans if you prefer), t-shirts or seasonless pullover sweaters, and a jacket you love (we love denim or a great blazer).


When choosing your go-together classics, keep a limited color palette in mind, so no matter which pieces you pull, everything will look great—this is something your Stylist is great at helping you do. Add a crisp white blouse (or quality white t-shirt if that’s more your thing) and you have an almost endless number of looks


With a wardrobe of basics at your side, you’re ready to go…almost. The third key to getting out the door in a stylish few minutes is accessories—the little things that take a classic outfit from good to “how does she always look so great?” Wardrobe add-ons like shoes, scarves, jewelry, bags and outerwear is where you get to express your style, your taste.


You’ve got your color-coordinated wardrobe and your fab accessories. What else can you do to make sure your mornings go as smoothly as they can? Pull your outfit at night, right down to the shoes and underwear. Look for anything that needs a touch of ironing or polishing (do that at night, too), and set it aside in an easy-to-grab-from place for the morning. Go ahead and pull the kids’ clothes, too (more on that in a minute).

One more time-saving tip: after dinner and before bed, set a timer for 10 minutes and have everyone pick up toys, hanging up clothes, and making sure completed homework is in backpacks.


A lot of the tips that work for you can also work for getting the kids ready, including buying basics in a limited color palette. Want to save time on buying those basics? Sign your tykes up for online services and have clothes they’ll love handpicked and delivered right to your door, where they can be tried on in the comfort of home.…

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What Does A Nesting Doll Mean And Why You Need It

Inexperienced, and even a sophisticated foreign tourist, first of all, carries a Russian doll souvenir. It has long become a symbol of our country, along with vodka, a bear and the like clichés that have developed in the mass consciousness. On the other hand, Russian matryoshka doll is a brilliant example of national talent, poorly influenced by mass culture.

Inexperienced, and even a sophisticated foreign tourist, first of all, carries a Russian doll. It has long become a symbol of our country, along with vodka, a bear and the like clichés that have developed in the mass consciousness. On the other hand, Russian matryoshka is a brilliant example of national talent, poorly influenced by mass culture. What does nesting doll mean? And why do everyone think that onesies as wedding gifts is a great idea? Let’s find out the answer.

A wide variety of Russian nesting dolls are available at affordable prices on

The history of Russian nesting dolls

The most amazing thing is that until the end of the 19th century there were no Russian dolls in Russia at all. In the second half of the century, the Great Reform of Alexander II is bearing fruit: industry is booming, railways are being built. At the same time, the level of national identity is growing, interest in national history and culture is emerging, and national crafts are being revived. Since the 60s of the 19th century, a new branch of fine arts, called the “Russian style”, has been forming. In Soviet times, it was contemptuously called the “pseudo-Russian” or even “cock” style – based on the carved and embroidered “roosters” – the favorite motive of the artist and architect IP Ropet.

Many infamous nesting doll artists participated in the creation of Russian style of doll art. They were supported by well-known patrons of art: the creator of the Abramtsevo artistic circle, who invited these artists to his estate near Abramtsevo. In Mamontov, artists discussed the development of Russian art and immediately, on the spot, created it. Also, the Mamontovs tried to revive ancient folk crafts, collecting objects of folk art, including peasant toys. Savva Ivanovich’s brother, Anatoly Ivanovich Mamontov, was the owner of the children’s upbringing shop. In Mamontov, artists discussed the development of Russian art and immediately, on the spot, created it. Also, the Mamontovs tried to revive ancient folk crafts, collecting objects of folk art, including peasant toys. Savva Ivanovich’s brother, Anatoly Ivanovich Mamontov, was the owner of the children’s upbringing shop. In Mamontov, artists discussed the development of Russian art and immediately, on the spot, created it. Also, the Mamontovs tried to revive ancient folk crafts, collecting objects of folk art, including peasant toys. These are the men known to have dolls with them.

AI Mamontov hired highly skilled toy craftsmen and demanded from them a non-standard approach in the manufacture of toys. To expand the horizons of the masters and the development of their creative imagination in the workshop they wrote out samples of toys from around the world. At this time, there is an increased interest in Oriental, especially Japanese art. The exhibition of Japanese art, held in St. Petersburg in the second half of the 90s, contributed a lot to the emergence and development of fashion for “everything Japanese”.

Check out this article from The Inquirer regarding Russian nesting dolls.

Russian doll

Among the exhibits at this exhibition was a figure of the Buddhist sage Fukurumu, a good-natured bald old man, in whom several more wooden figurines were invested (Wooden because of the dangers of PVC dolls). The Fukurum statuette was brought from the island of Honshu, according to Japanese tradition, a Russian monk was the first to cut out such a figure, which got to Japan by unknown ways. It is believed that the figure Fukurum and became a prototype of Russian nesting dolls.

The author of Russian dolls

The author of the first Russian nesting doll is unknown, but her appearance was predetermined by a wide interest in national art in all spheres of society, the desire of the owner and craftsmen of the workshop “Children’s Education” to interest the public, create something new and unusual in the Russian spirit. Finally, the appearance of the Fukurumu figurine at an exhibition of Japanese art has become some kind of precise crystallization of this idea.

The first Russian matryoshka was cut out in the workshop of A.I. Mamontov. It is stamped: “Child education.”He carved her hereditary toy master Vasily Petrovich Zvezdochkin, and painted S.V. Malyutin, who collaborated with A.I. Mamontov, illustrating children’s books.

Why is the matryoshka so called

The name “matryoshka” for a wooden detachable painted figure appeared to fit. In the old Russian province, the name Matryona was one of the most common and beloved female names. This name comes from the Latin “mater”, which means “mother”. The name Matryona evokes the image of a real Russian woman, the mother of numerous children, with real peasant health and a typical portly figure.

The first Russian doll looked like this.

Vasily Zvezdochkin carved the first Russian nesting doll. She was painted by Sergey Malyutin. She consisted of 8 places: a girl with a black rooster, then a boy, followed by a girl again, etc. The artist painted all the figures differently, and the latter depicted a babe.…

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Pamper Your Kid With These High Quality Onesies That Your Kid Will Love

Cool kigurumi pajamas came to America from Japan and became a trend that is gaining momentum in its popularity every day. They are bright home costumes, sewn in the form of anime characters, Disney cartoons and just in the form of animals.

Here you can quickly and inexpensively buy onesies for bedtime in the form of any hero you like for yourself, girlfriends, friends, your grandmother or grandfather, and, of course, for your rug. This is a real chance to dilute dull everyday life and add more positive and humor, fun and color to every day.

The main specialization of brands – Onesies

Every year they order for you the production of the most relevant characters in the best quality, which is controlled by our representative during production and before shipment. Look at the number of celebrities who love onesies band you will know the reason. Sellers guarantee the highest factory quality of all products. If you are confused by the format of an online store, where you can’t try and try Onesies on your own, check the quality and finally decide. You can come to the pick-up point or to store in America for more information, see Contacts.

Why choose our store?

In fact, there are many reasons for this, and here is only a part

  • Best choice
  • Best quality
  • Better availability, there is always at least 90% of the range available
  • The best service, the most competent and polite managers, returns and exchanges
  • The best delivery, the fastest delivery and the most pleasant couriers

Winter onesies for the newborn is one of the first outfits of the baby, in which he not only looks so cute, but also protected from wind, cold and damp. True, to provide the latter, parents need to spend some time choosing the perfect winter onesies for a newborn. Or you can go to the website of the online store and immediately buy a winter onesies for the baby, corresponding to your ideas about the best outfit in the cold season.

Here’s a funny article from regarding onesies.

How to choose and buy a high-quality winter onesies for a newborn?

The selection criteria for winter onesies for babies up to 18 months are quite clear and will not cause questions even for inexperienced parents. These criteria include:

  • Type of the main fabric
  • Type of filler, natural fillers are warmer, but harder and create a larger volume of the product, so onesies for newborns are chosen from natural materials mainly for sleeping and walking in fresh air, and membrane fabrics and synthetic insulators with hygroscopic properties are good for activity in fresh air, therefore in the wardrobe of the baby it is desirable to have at least two models
  • Weight of winter onesies if this parameter does not matter for an adult, then even a weight of 0.5 kg will be noticeable for a baby
  • The type of fasteners, cuffs and other details so that dressing each time does not turn into a difficult task
  • a style combined with top-onesies or classical top (a breast, a back and straps and a separate onesies from above

Unlike other clothes, in winter onesies for newborns, priority is usually given to synthetic materials. Membrane surfaces with or without water-repellent impregnations and modern heaters create the perfect combination for the autumn-winter period. Additional selection criteria may be the possibility of removing the insulation before washing, the removal of hoods, reflectors and other parts.

What winter onesies for newborns are offered?

Online shop has an impressive selection of outerwear for children from 0 to 18 months. Presents winter onesies for newborns from popular European (including English, Scandinavian) brands that successfully withstand competition in the market and are able to last long enough for the baby to grow out of it rather than demolish.

How to buy a winter onesies for a newborn?

To buy winter onesies for newborns, place your order through the online store, leave a request for a call or dial yourself. You can pay for goods in cash or when ordering on the site using cards.

Is it possible to try on winter onesies for babies before buying?

Visit one of the stores and regional centers to independently assess the quality of our winter onesies for babies. The density of the fabric, the weight of the onesies, colors and style making the choice will be much easier. And for customers of the online store is available the service of delivery of several models of clothes in one order.

Have you decided to buy children’s winter onesies but how to choose the correct model? This is a whole science.

All parents who have decided to buy winter onesies for their off spring know how difficult it is to choose the model that is ideal for your child. A few tips, in our opinion, that will help you make the right choice.

First of all, measure the growth of your beloved child. When talking with a sales assistant, mentioning that you used to wear romper for such a company and it was big or just right, absolutely not say anything. Each brand has completely different sizes. Some have more onesies, others have little size, and someone sews a size in size. Therefore, the first thing the seller needs to know is the growth of your child and how much margin you would like to see at the onesies. It is also important to remember that children are individual and the growth of two peers may differ significantly, respectively, the phrase onesies for a girl of 2 years old will not help the case an additional waste of time. Remember, only knowledge of the real growth of your child, will help the seller to offer you the right romper.

Now let’s dwell on the length of the onesies. From year to four years old, babies gain growth very quickly. Therefore, in any case, do not get the size of the romper size, take with a stock. If you decide to buy children’s onesies in advance, for example in summer after all, prices are much lower in summer and it is slightly high for you, then in winter it may already be small for you. So try to choose a romper with a reserve that even for the winter there was a margin of 3-5 cm. winters in America does not last 2-3 months, but all 6. During this time, your child can grow by 3-6 cm. Practical parents want to buy onesies for two seasons. This is normal and natural. But the likelihood that he is not enough for the second season is very big. Our advice is to choose a onesies with the maximum number of adjustments: stickiest, back doors, zippers, drawstrings, puffs.

And of course an important factor is the temperature regime which is designed for children onesies. You need to understand if the minimum temperature at which you’ll wear a onesies, -10 -15 degrees or your child is active, fidget for a walk, then you should not buy children’s onesies for temperatures up to -30 -40 degrees. On the other hand, if you walk at -35 and your child is less active, then thin children’s onesies designed for cold autumn and warm winter will not work for you.…

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Survivor Bracelets Pros And Cons That Will Make You Think

A paracord bracelet that can be worn as an ornament on a hand, almost 7 meters of extremely strong rope in it, a whistle to give an SOS signal or mark your position and, of course, a chair with a chair that allows you to make a fire, even if there were no matches at hand.

When unraveled, the rope can reach a length of up to seven meters. Therefore, this solution is becoming increasingly popular among hikers. What are the uses of survivor bracelets?

Check out more paracord survivor bracelets for men and women and find more at

A paracord survival bracelet is a multi functional thing that allows you to solve several problems at once:

  • Build a shelter,
  • Dry things,
  • Repair equipment,
  • Help in the game with a child or a kitten,
  • If you have a clip or a piece of a branch on hand, you can make a fishing rod,
  • Make a tourniquet to stop the bleeding,
  • Gather onions with a branch on hand,
  • Make a handle for a knife,
  • Make a bonfire,
  • Give a signal for help and much more.

A paracord bracelet with a whistle is an important tool for survival in extreme situations. The bracelet, if necessary, can be transformed into the strongest paracord cable, with which you can put snares on a small animal, tie up reserves of food high from a predator, make a bow or tie a canopy of reeds for shelter. With the help of bright braid you can put labels. A whistle will help signal your whereabouts. Give this bracelet as a stunning gift! gave several tips on paracord survivor bracelets in an article.

Initially, paracord was used in the airborne troops.

Paracord is often used in situations where light rope is needed. Threads of the core can be extracted if a thin thread is required, for example, when repairing clothes or as a fishing line in extreme situations.

Paracord can be used in the manufacture of whips. Nylon does not rot and is not damaged by mold; therefore it is a suitable material for such applications.

Such bracelets can be quickly unraveled in any situations where a rope is needed to secure the goods, to repair the belts, while rescuing from water. Key chains, belts, watch straps, dog leashes, small items braid and other items can be made from paracord.

When looking for survival bracelet test you get different search results. We would like to enlighten you and have created here a summary of the best bracelets creatively made just for you. Thereby you discover the current bestsellers of the most diverse survival bracelet offer to browse! Of course we do not neglect the price. In order to always find you the cheapest survival bracelet price we update the prices daily and always link to online shopping sites. We mark discounts directly under the product, so that you can decide on the best offers. So nothing stands in the way of your favorite product.

The lag of the delay varies from branch to branch for sure. So you will not regret the purchase of the survival bracelet test. The safe shipping to you is then a weighty next step.

What do buyers say about the survival bracelet test?

Product reviews from verified purchases are becoming increasingly important. In the end, users know best what the survival bracelet test can do, and whether it fits you. After further relegation, shopping sites are listed buy ratings directly below the products. Important feature: pay attention to customer opinions from verified purchases. That ensures the necessary seriousness. Opinions from other users help you to filter out the pros and cons. The new favorite product should have a large number of reviews. Are these very satisfied and can the survival bracelet test recommend strike! Online shopping sites basically stand for a secure purchase with very different payment methods.

The price

The price of survival bracelet is just as important before making a purchase decision. Through price comparisons and daily updates we spare you tedious research. But beware! When comparing different brands / products or variants: Cheap is not always good. When choosing between different versions or spare parts of survival bracelet, you should remember the “golden rule”. As you’ve probably already learned, it does not always mean the most expensive but not the cheapest products are the best. The delivery plays an immense role and can represent a significant cost factor depending on the supplier.


Normally, the shipping costs can be kept very low or not incurred anyway. We find it of the utmost importance, what the buyers, who have possessed the goods in the end or currently still possess, in an overall assessment. What many do not know: Above all, it always pays off to look at bad reviews. You can often find disadvantages here. So you see what the buyer has not convinced so far. Customer reviews of the independent models from the appropriate manufacturer assist in the same way in the decision for the survival bracelet price comparison.…

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Why being a first-time mom is so hard















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Your 4-Step Guide to Becoming the Best Mom You Can Be

“Uh oh,” I heard my child say. As I looked over to see what sparked the comment, I saw the cup on its side and juice flowing from the table to the floor. My son was frozen as if he found out about the mannequin challenge and decided this was the time to record his own version.

The natural response would be to grab some paper towels, head over and engage my son in helping to clean it up. Instead, I felt a boiling up within me, something erupting in my throat.

And then it happened. I exploded.

“What did you do that for?! Why are you just standing there? Clean it up!” I started vigorously grabbing paper towels and headed to the accident location. As I sharply dropped to the floor to clean the mess I saw my son flinch, in fear, out of the corner of my eye.

That fear softened me, but I still vigorously cleaned up the mess as my child perfected his mannequin stance. Once done, I muttered some comments and headed to my room as shame took over, tears dripping down my face.

How did this happen? Why did I respond like that? It was JUST spilled juice, seriously not a big deal.

Sitting on the bed, ashamed, embarrassed, and actually afraid, it hit me: I was repeating what my mother did with me. I was once in my son’s shoes, a little kid stuck in fear trying to understand what I did and how to prevent having more rage turned on me.

Yet, here I was, repeating the pattern—the pattern I vowed never to repeat with my own child.

It was a tremendously scary yet welcome realization because such a realization always precedes change. It felt like a “make it or break it moment,” and truthfully, it was. It was now or never—and I made the choice to change my behavior so that my son won’t respond in the same negative ways with his future children.

Let it be known that I didn’t respond like this all of the time—not even a majority of the time. But enough of the time…enough to cause damage, enough to continue to pass on the cycle.

Enough of the time for me to finally say, “Enough is enough!”

For you, it might not be spilled juice; it might be whining or refusing to go to bed or any number of other parenting difficulties most of us face. But whatever it is, if it’s causing you to overreact and snap at your children regularly, then it’s hurting them and it’s hurting you—and it’s time for a change.

But change is never easy, is it? Especially changing something I experienced myself for decades, something I didn’t know was in me until I had my own child. Something that comes out so unexpectedly and shocked even me.

So I created a concrete plan to become my best mommy-self—following these four steps.

4 Steps to Becoming the Best Mom You Can Be

1. Decide to make a change.

Sounds simple, yes, but hear me out.

Most of us know about plenty of things that aren’t exactly good for us, but that doesn’t mean we do anything about them. Take sugar for instance; I’m guessing you know sugar is bad for your health, but does simply knowing that fact motivate you to go out and eliminate all sugar from your diet?

For most people, the answer is a resounding no. Pass me one of those brownies!

It is only when we intentionally decide that the risks of eating sugar are far worse than the struggle of eliminating sugar from our diet that we are able to make the change.

There has to be a decisive moment—and the same goes for changing our parenting tactics.

You must make a solid decision that the pain of seeing your child flinch when you approach her is far worse than continuing what you’re doing. Or perhaps, you must choose to acknowledge that your child will parent his/her future children the same way if you don’t make a drastic change.

It can be painful to think about, for sure—but that pain can propel us forward.

2. Forgive yourself.

Remember that in my story I went to my room and felt a horrible sense of shame at my response to my son? ‘What kind of mother does that to her child?’ That’s what I was thinking.

I bet you’ve had those thoughts at times, so let me be blunt: You must forgive yourself. Period.

Forgiving yourself doesn’t let you off the hook for making the changes; it just lets you see yourself as human. You are repeating what you were ultimately taught. You weren’t provided the tools to respond in a different manner.

Acknowledge that and forgive yourself. Yes, your response wasn’t ideal but it also isn’t irreparable, especially since you made a decision to change it (you did, right?). Release the responsibility you put on yourself to do something you have no idea how to do, and cry for the mistakes you’ve made and the pain you’ve caused. Most importantly, cry for the pain you hold inside. Release it and forgive yourself.

3. Identify your triggers.

According to Psych Central, “A trigger is something that sets off a memory tape or flashback transporting the person back to the event of her/his original trauma. Triggers are very personal; different things trigger different people. The survivor may begin to avoid situations and stimuli that she/he thinks triggered the flashback.”

One thing I’ve learned in this parenting gig is that your kids will hit your triggers. In fact, they are masters at it.

It’s up to you to know what your triggers are so you can respond accordingly when they are hit.

My son used to continuously disregard my requests. I would feel so pissed by the 3rd time I repeated my request. After really analyzing these instances, I realized that his disregard triggered my feelings of continuously being ignored and not acknowledged as a child. I wasn’t responding to him, but to my feelings the trigger brought up.

Knowing your triggers helps you to know how your children trigger you, allowing you to create a plan of how to respond intentionally instead of just reacting impulsively to the situation.

4. Find a mentor.

It’s amazing how many topics formal education covers in this country, but the most critical jobs are FIOY – Figure It Out Yourself.

Even so, there are ways to learn from others.

I truly believe that finding a mother mentor is a critical key to learning new ways of relating, responding, and interacting with your children.

There are many other benefits to obtaining a mother mentor, also.

A mother mentor can be—but doesn’t have to be—an “in person” relationship. It also doesn’t have to be one person. As you think back, were there things that friends, mothers, aunts, or maybe teachers you had did with children that you admire or feel is a great way to handle situations with children? If so, those things would begin to make up your mother mentor.

Also, look around you and either find a one-on-one mentor (a family member, someone at church, or a mom coach) or create a mother mentor by identifying mothering skills you admire from women you see.

You do have everything within you to be a great mom, and taking the steps to make some necessary changes doesn’t only affect you but also your children—and all subsequent generations.

Life is full of choices, and here’s one right in front of you:

Will you choose to heal your own hurts and parent your children in an emotionally supportive way?

Doing so is perhaps the greatest gift you can give them.…

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5 Tips To Prepare You For Being A First Time Mom

Congratulations! You’re about to embark on an amazing journey known as motherhood. There’s nothing quite a rewarding, strange, grounding, and frightening as becoming a mother for the first time.

While the fear is healthy, it does help to educate yourself a little bit on what becoming a mother for the first time entails.

We put together a guide of five super healthy tips for first time moms to help take some of the guesswork out of motherhood.

Check out this helpful first time mom guide below!

Some of these first time mom tips might surprise you.

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Keep The Fans Waiting

Immediately after the birth, your family and friends are probably bursting at the seems to meet the baby.

Just because you’re a first time mom doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to set boundaries with people and there are some things new mamas want visitors to know.

You and your partner may want to spend some personal time alone with your first ever child. That’s perfectly fine. It may even be beneficial to the baby. Maybe there are reasons beyond just being alone that you want to avoid visitors right away.

Right after birth is also important if you are nursing and you will want to establish that latch and begin understanding this new nursing relationship in the first few days.

Newborns are very alert immediately after they are born. This could be the right time to talk to them, make eye contact, and start skin to skin care. This is a special bonding, as well as learning time for all of you.

4. Remember That You Have A Right To Breastfeed Just About Anywhere You Want

It’s a sad and unfortunate thing that our society sees breasts as strictly sexual objects that should be hidden away, rather than something that literally feeds our children.

This strange culture hatred of public breastfeeding has led to horror stories from moms about being shamed publicly for feeding their child.

As a first time mom, it’s important to be brave. Sure, you can breastfeed your baby in a gross public bathroom stall, surrounded by germs and isolation because some people are uncomfortable at the sight of a boob. But if you wouldn’t want to eat in a toilet stall, do you think your baby would?

Whether you’re dealing with unsupportive family and friends or are afraid of being shamed in public for feeding your baby when they are hungry, stay strong. You have a right to breastfeed your hungry newborn anywhere you might be.

It’s also important to know that children up to six years old can benefit from breastfeeding. Whether you or your child is willing to go that long is up to you. However, Western countries seem to have the greatest taboos about how long one should breastfeed compared to the rest of the world. While US mothers stop breastfeeding around six months, the rest of the world’s mothers continue to breastfeed until around two years on average.

3. Set Baby Bedtime Rituals

It may seem better to let things happen naturally and organically. There is even the concept of “free range” parenting where things just go with the flow.  However, sleep times should remain consistent, and if you can get this down, you may be thanking yourself later.

Committing to a schedule and sticking to it will help your baby learn to expect things to happen. If your baby is really having a hard time with sleeping on a routine schedule, try doing a few “cool down” activities before bed.

These can include any of the following:

  • Playing squishies with lullabies and soft songs
  • Massages
  • Bathtime
  • Prayer time
  • Rocking chair lulling
  • Nursing baby to sleep
  • Reading

Doing these activities consistently before bed can help your baby associate them with sleepiness.

Sleeping close to your baby is also a great way to help them regulate their heart rate and stress levels.

2. Car Seat 101

Most first time moms go through the classes and spend hours on Google learning about the nooks and crannies of being a mom. This includes everything from how to use a breast pump, how to establish milk supply, to how to change a diaper.

However, one baby device tends to be forgotten– the car seat. This can be a huge pain when you’re ready to come home from the hospital with baby and realize you have no idea how to set the thing up.

Here’s a quick guide:

  • If baby was born in colder months, all the clothes they are wearing may not allow the car seat harness to fit right. Put your baby in the car seat with fewer clothes and cover with blankets afterward.
  • The car seat clip should be parallel with baby’s armpits.
  • The car seat harness should be secure but not too tight around baby’s hips and shoulders.
  • Install the seat at approximately a forty-five-degree angle. We want the baby’s head to tilt back, not flop forward and hurt their neck.
  • Always test the seat before putting baby inside. Punch it, push it hard, jiggle it. The seat shouldn’t move more than a few centimeters when properly installed.

There! Not so hard, right? If you’re still concerned, you can have a certified safety expert evaluate proper installation.

1. Prevent SIDS

SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) is a terrifying and heartbreaking syndrome that affects 2,500 families every year in the US.

Thankfully, SIDS has declined dramatically. But that probably doesn’t ease the mind of a first time mom and we totally understand.

  • There are many things linked to the prevention of SIDS that you can do as a first time mom:
  • Sleeping close to your baby has been linked to preventing SIDS. Sleeping with you baby is ill-advised– try investing in a bedside bassinet so baby can be close to you at night.
  • When in the crib, always put your baby on their back on firm padding. Over-plush mattresses, couches, and pillows should always been avoided, no matter when or where your baby sleeps.
  • Don’t keep super fluffy blankets or stuffed soft toys in your baby’s crib.
  • Always make sure your baby’s head is uncovered while they sleep.
  • Talk to your physician to learn more and get real expert advice on what you should be doing

In summary, keep going mama and know you are doing an amazing job! Stay consistent and don’t worry if you can’t get it all done. In addition, create a third trimester checklist to get a few more things done in preparation for baby.  Little by little it will all come together as you start this new beautiful and learning journey of motherhood. When you have completely adjusted the pressure, you are then available for waist training exercise classes, or just wear your corset for weight loss and use it at home. Your choice, have fun!…

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Haters Gonna Hate: Wear Your Onesie With Pride

Let’s face it, we know that onesies are not the most popular option for everyday activities. However, that has to change as soon as possible. Onesies are way too comfy to wear only when you go to sleep. And we are not the only ones saying it. In fact, onesies seem to be trending around the world.

Right now, there are onesie-themed parties being made on the beaches, in the clubs, and even during sporting events. So, to encourage you to wear your onesie, here are top ten reasons why you should never stop wearing it:

1. Stand Out

You don’t have to fit in every day. Break the mould, make a statement, don’t conform to the expectations. Pack your devil-may-care attitude and be the coolest kid on the block.

2. No More Fussing

As the name implies, onesies come in a single piece. There will be no more last-minute fussing to try and find what to pair with your shirt. In essence, it is just like a dress, but with even more flexibility.

3. Nothing Beats The Comfort of a Onesie

As we said, the onesie trend is picking up, and it is evident by the number of Hollywood celebrities that are open about their love for onesies. Megastars like Cara Delevingne, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and even Beyoncé are huge fans of onesies. They are adorable, fluffy and comfortable.

4. You Only Live Once

Do you really want to spend your life worrying about what others think about your outfit? We sure don’t. Life is too short not to have fun, so make sure to enjoy every bit of it. If you can even fight for squishies, how much more for onesies, right?


One of the main reasons onesies are becoming incredibly popular is the fact that the sizes are universal. That means that you should have no troubles sharing your favorite onesie with your best friend. And that is just good business. But, even more importantly, onesies are not skin-tight and don’t have a definite shape. Which basically means that you can use them to hide any imperfections on your body. So start filling onesies to your closets now!

6. There is Strength in Numbers

You are not alone. There are thousands of people in every major city that adore onesies. And those who don’t are usually those who didn’t yet have one. So, call your friends over and have a mini onesie party. While we are at it, let’s talk about parties.

7. Onesie Parties

Everybody loves a good themed party. Call your friends over and have them bring their own onesies. You can share the weirdness and come out of it that much happier. Start owning onesies for Halloween now! Thank me later.

8. Trendsetters are Wearing Them

Believe it or not, some of the famous social media fashionistas are wearing onesies when they stream. And, if it is good enough for them, it is good enough for us.

9. Dancing in a Onesie Earns Your Extra Swag

Wearing a onesie is cool, but nothing beats dancing in one. Whether you just want to goof around, or do a serious dance, it all looks better in a onesie.

10. There is a Pizza Onesie

Everybody knows about animal onesies. But, Katy Perry changed the game when she came out in her Pizza Onesie to greet the crowds. Don’t be afraid of looking a bit cheesy. …

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